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Rays of Development Organziation, Sargodha, Pakistan.

Introduction to Rays of Development Organization:


Rays of Development Organization wishes to build a society with Justice, Peace, harmony, health & education for all, democracy without any sort of discrimination, happy and healthy people enjoying equal rights and greener, cleaner and pollution free mother earth.

Rays of Development Organization (ROD) loves and respects every human being, regardless of their color, creed, sect, race, gender or parlance. It speaks up for those who can not speak for themselves.

Mission Statement

“To transform the World into a peaceful, democratic and prosperous place for the human beings”


It is Rays of Development’s utmost effort to facilitate, educate and forge understanding among the underprivileged and uncared residents of the most neglected, undeveloped and far off bucolic areas, about;
• Primary Health care
• Education
• Women and Gender Development
• Children’s rights
• Create Interfaith peace and harmony
• Safe Drinking Water and Clean Environment

History of Rays of Development Organization:

A few years back a small group of teachers, students, advocates, journalists and like minded people from all walks of life started to sit together, share and express their apprehensions over the social injustices and discrimination due to the social unevenness, gender, religion, sect, color, dialect, and race. Increasing dangers to the Mother earth because of global warming and environmental pollution, lack of education and awareness about various social issues especially health, child & women rights.

This group of devoted youth started to meet and ponder upon these social issues frequently and tried to find solutions of these social problems. This committed youth group gradually started to transform into a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political but yet non-registered charitable organization and started to meet at regular intervals.


In December 2006 this enthusiastic youth group who had started to call itself “Rays of Development Organization” (ROD), registered itself with the same title under the Societies Act 1860 with vide registration no. RD/SGD/243, based at Sargodha, Pakistan.

Before and after the registration, Rays of Development Organization (ROD), Sargodha, Pakistan (ROD) continued its endeavors towards building up a democratic society without any sort of social, constitutional or institutional discrimination and violence, with interfaith peace, love and harmony prevailing the community. It is doing its best to provide each individual with the health, justice and education facilities. ROD
strives to reduce or prevent sources of pollutants severely damaging the Nature and Earth’s atmosphere.

Structure of Rays of Development Organization

Rays of Development Organization consists of two main bodies.
· Governing body of ROD.
· General body of ROD.

Governing body of ROD

All the decisions are taken by the Governing body per rules and regulations of the organization, as described in the memorandum of the organization. Governing body consists of:
· Chairman, Mr Ferhan Mazher
· Vice Chairman, Ms Rukhsana Younas
· General Secretary, Ms Rosy Dewan
· Joint Secretary, Ms Shabana Khurshid
· Finance Manager, Ms Ghazala Khurshid
· Executive member 1, Mr Adnan Saeed
· Executive member 2, Mr Imran Mazher

General Body of ROD

All other members, volunteers and staff comprise the General Body of the ROD. Members of the general body help ROD to carry out its projects as directed by the Governing body of ROD.


ROD’s projects are carried out through the generous help and co-operation of its volunteers. ROD has a respectable number of volunteers who are ready to work bro-bono for the welfare and wellbeing of humanity at any cost and time.


Rays of Development Organization (ROD) has a strong network and relations with other NGOs, such as National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP), CLAAS, SPARC, Taangh Wasaib Organization (TWO).

Area of Work of Rays of Development Organization

Rays of Development Organization is working with great valor in the following areas;

• Primary Health care
• Education
• Women and Gender Development
• Children’s rights
• Create Interfaith peace and harmony
• Safe Drinking Water and Clean Environment


1) ROD highlights violation of human rights and atrocities in the local, national and international media. ROD points out muggers and tries to eradicate the motives/elements behind such atrocities, through peaceful means.

2) Rays of Development Organization conducts seminars, symposia,
Dialogues, lectures, rallies, walks and study circles to evoke awarenessabout the human rights and social issues at the grass root level in the society.

3) As majority of the Pakistani people are illiterate, therefore Street theater is one of the most successful techniques implemented by ROD to impart messages of mass interest very easily and effectively such as protection of women and children’s rights.

Area of Operation of Rays of Development Organization:

Pakistan is a developing country and a huge majority of the Pakistani populace lives in villages. Residents of these villages, towns and slums are illiterate and they depend entirely on the crop growing for the bread and butter of their families. The wages of these villagers are very, very low (equivalent or less than 1.5 $) and most often in the form of fruits, vegetables or wheat.

ROD plans to work through out Pakistan but at present ROD is focused in the villages, slums and other backward localities of province Punjab:

Sargodha and all the Villages situated on the outskirts of Sargodha.

ROD depends entirely on the generous donation and gifts by the big-hearted men and women. You are requested to help ROD as much as you can. You can help us by depositing your donations in the following bank account:

Rays of Development Organization’
Account # 13727900012403
Habib Bank Limited,University Road, Sargodha, Pakistan.

For your comments or queries you can write to:



Call: 0092-345-8622504